Today’s B2B buyers are more empowered and thrive in an always connected world. Easily available, credible information makes them more informed, raises expectations and devalues early-stage conversations with sales.

The B2B sales is fast moving from a sales-led-marketing-supported format to a marketing-led-sales-supported format and most sales teams are yet to fully transform.  Hence, over 50% of B2B salespeople did not achieving their quota in 2016 (CSO insights).

An effective sales enablement is predicated on providing sales organization what they need to continue the conversation with the target buyers. I’s important to provide sales with the resources the buyer wants and when the buyer wants these resources.

Effective Sales Enablement

Effective Sales enablement allows sales organization to achieve quota in a scalable, predictable, and repeatable fashion. It is designed to democratize the sales organization so that we’re no longer dependent on a handful of super heroes to hit the team quota.

Sales enablement plays a key role in scaling the sales organization beyond a handful of over-achievers. It provides all sales people with the best practices, knowledge, tools, and resources required to be successful. It’s essentially an effort to democratize what it takes to be a successful sales person.

Why Sales Enablement is the Logical Next Step

Soon as the marketing organizations s able to streamline the operations process, there should be a constant stream of engaged prospects. These prospects are further qualified by marketing and the final ones are defined as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). These leads, when handed to sales as a part of handoff process entails not only handing over the leads through the emails etc but also handing over the conversation snapshots and appraising the sales leader on the conversation that has transpired thus far.

The handoff can be rather tricky and can be overcome by effective usage of technology coupled with marketing effectiveness in ensuring the conversation with the client continues.