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We collaborate with some of the top B2B organizations and provide meaningful experiences to their customers through innovative thinking, marketing effectiveness and technology implementation across the buyer’s journey.

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Disruptive thinking with a focus on meaningful conversations…

SABERNI sits at the intersection where our customers converse with their customers; we are constantly working to make the conversations more engaging and meaningful. Our relentless focus on utilizing technology for best results, remaining platform agnostic and matured processes have ensured that we are able to evoke action.

Business-To-Business (B2B) marketing has evolved and SABERNI is helping shape and accelerate the next wave of B2B marketing evolution. Our multifaceted offerings include:

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Marketing Operations
Outsourcing (MCoE)


Marketing Data Management

Marketing Data


Technology Solutions



Marketing Analytics




The Objective

During the early stages, we educate the potential customer base about the new advancements in the industry and how other, well performing players in the industry are able to use the advancements to their advantage. This general awareness is geared to significantly increase the awareness quotient and is able to help advance the industry become more aware of the possibilities.

Tools engaged

Blogs, Ad’s, Banners, PR, Articles, Analyst Papers, Animations

Untroubled and Unaware

The Objective

The customer is encouraged about gaining more knowledge on our brand / organization and general interest in service is established. This helps establish better confidence and interest in our brand offerings. At this stage, customer should start asking questions and inquiries should be generated.

Tools engaged

Ebooks, web sites, analyst papers, blogs, independent articles, industry white papers, webinars, events

Aware and Untroubled

The Objective

Inquiries generated through previous stage will indicate the business problems the potential customers would have. A professional business-to-business marketing managers will take the opportunity to validate the inquiries and establish a reasonable business case with the potential customer. This stage will entail generation of Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Tools engaged

Webinars, podcasts, seminars, multimedia content, 10 reasons, trials, customer references, demos

Troubled Looking

The Objective

Once the business case has been established and a value vs cost is accepted by the customer, The sales process ensues.

Tools engaged

Sales negotiations, Presentations, topic sheets, product white papers, customer testimonials, competitive intelligence

Sales Process

The Objective

A customer is the most important asset of any organization. At this step, the customer trust build measures are implemented and ideally the satisfaction levels are always managed. A marketing supported Customer account manager will be able to present actionable analysis to the customer and will be able to assist with new avenues of revenue generation with the customer.

Tools engaged

Research, Analytics, Technology enablement, Net Promoter Scorecard and processes

Loyalty Loop