Organizations that want to focus on their core deliverables or intend to test the waters for a new product or geography face a conundrum of freeing up the right people for marketing. Wrong or stretched resources may put the project at risk.

We at SABERNI, being lifelong marketers understand this well and offer a unique solution: resource sharing. We will assign an expert marketer for any of your needs and can provide experts who will work as a part of your existing marketing team. This enables you to do away with managing additional career paths OR stretching existing resources thereby putting the program at risk.


Sales and marketing strategy and planning webinars

Researching and building ‘big’ assets like research reports, white papers

List building and cleansing

Rhythmic blogs that show how smart you are.

Outbound Emails and Letters

Collateral including proposals

Setup your CRM and automated marketing media, and sales

Tracking and analytics of web, email, social

Managing your Website (copy, navigation, flow optimization, search optimization)

Nurture campaigns to keep you positioned with ‘stalled’ prospects