Marketing costs too high

Business to business (B2B) marketing acts as a derivative function. The results are derived from various marketing efforts spread over disparate platforms. Driving and measuring these progressions between phases of specialized buyer’s journeys within carefully selected demand campaigns is at the core of professional B2B marketing.  The value of a well-run B2B Marketing machine is to understand and implement the fastest and least expensive tactics to drive each specific progression. This overall approach enables accurate demand generation forecasting and true marketing ROI analysis.

After the core solution (product/service), fiscal responsibility and sales process, the businesses that want to scale, look for the fourth pillar of business – Marketing. Spending money on marketing and establishing it as a professional discipline are often two different things. If the former is done before the latter, the cost of marketing is likely to be far too high and the ROI on marketing spend poor.

If marketing is to be driving the demand for the organization, then it must be cost-effective and measurable. Since much of what the B2B companies need to do in marketing has longer-term revenue impacts, the need to measure and manage marketing impact over short-term, medium-term and long-term becomes important.

SABERNI’s path breaking Agile Marketing approach and ability to granulate the marketing GTM plans gives the required transparency and ROI on the campaigns we design and execute. Our proprietary processes display in real-time the pipeline. Right from the Contacts to the MQLs that have been generated for Sales and the acceptance by Sales of these now sales-qualified Leads (SQLs).   This process and its interlock with the Sales organization is based on decades of tried and tested experience.

SABERNI are experts at driving the maximum efficiency and effectiveness from every dollar of marketing investment and can help your organization through the transition from marketing as a growing expense with unknown ROI and unforecastable results to that an important business discipline that delivers predictable, cost-effective results and that plays an ongoing strategic role in your short and long-term success.

Non-core marketing functions take too much time

As technology fuelled marketing organizations seek to drive sharper, more impactful and high-performance marketing campaigns, its imperative to be able to keep the focus on the key marketing functions such as metrics management, strategy and campaign performance.

Since a successful marketing campaign is a derivative of various components such as Social media management, website management, database management, e-mail design, tools selection, content purification among others, the usual marketing departments spend a majority of their time and resources on non-core functions that have direct impact on marketing campaign performance.

SABERNI can help! Our abridged version of the Marketing CoE program (Marketing Operations outsourcing) assists by creating a captive environment of your team and keeps your marketing operations running smoothly while your managers can focus on high value areas.

Conversion rate is too low

When we market to a business, the decision-making process or the “buyer’s journey” is one of the most critical components and needs to be understood, defined and can be used as a guiding document for the marketing campaigns.

For every type of business problem, there can be a customized buyer’s journey; traversing that journey will be business, financial and technical contacts varying from decision-makers to decision influencers. As defined by the buyer’s journey, each of these contacts will play a varying role and will have relative importance. Using creative marketing techniques that specifically target particular stage in the buyer’s journey, SABERNI experts can optimize the time it takes for roles in specific buyer’s journeys to progress through that journey, ultimately to shortlisting and buying a product/solution from that short list.  This approach has shown to dramatically improve conversion rates.

SABERNI experts have implemented these processes for decades and provide the unique expertise business-to-business marketing demands.

Lack clarity on product / solution launch

Often times, even the best performing marketing management need to make critical decisions that don’t seem to have any clear right or wrong answers. For instance, do we hire new resources for our solution that is to be launched in a new market OR what’s the right marketing spend to launch a ne solution in an existing market.

These tricky situations can cast aspirations on the best of solution launch processes and have an impact on the overall solution success.

With SABERNI, we can assist by providing a low on cost and high on efficiency and reliability marketing team that will assist you as an extended arm of you marketing.

Need a clear plan for growth

Many organizations face marketing challenges that range from non-existing marketing plans to the plans being non-actionable.

In marketing driven sales supported era of business growth, it’s no surprise that if marketing and sales teams are not aligned, the growth remains stunted.

SABERNI experts help you move away from this confused state by working with your respecting teams, creating a customized and actionable Go-To-Market plan and ensuring that sales and marketing share the same goal.

Need to align sales and marketing

The new age customer buying understanding and maps are mandating a movement from sales-driven-marketing-supported method to a marketing-driven-sales-supported cycles. This has compounded the problem of lack of alignment between Sales and Marketing teams.

Research demonstrates that, organizations with better sales-marketing alignment deliver

The alignment of Sales and Marketing, then, is an essential component of organizational success. SABERNI experts work closely with various stakeholders and utilize various proprietary and customized methods to ensure that the Sales and Marketing teams of your business get aligned to start delivering results.

Address the gaps in Skills alignment

Business to business (B2B) sales and marketing professionals seek new business growth from new and existing customers. To achieve this growth, there is a need of a unified team with sound B2B marketing skills.

Yet many businesses have gaps in some of their key marketing skills.

Experience tells us that this is a problem that exists in one of two ways. Either, the team has gaps in the breadth of their B2B marketing skills, or some in the team lack depth in certain key areas.

Most marketing degrees, courses, texts and case-studies offer little guidance for the B2B marketer. Fundamentally, B2B Marketers lack a proven framework for demand generation.

So how can you transform your good B2B Marketers into great ones?

You need training which is:

  • Specific to B2B;
  • Theoretically sound;
  • Grounded in practical experience; and
  • Makes marketing relevant to the revenue process.

SABERNI, through SABERNI University conducts specialized training programs that address these needs. We, based on the skill alignment that you team needs, create customized material to ensure quick impacts to your marketing team skillsets.

Lack of right marketing talent

A great plan that lacks the resources to execute is a wish. To successfully execute the plan, you would need marketing talent that is able to deliver and isn’t extraordinarily expensive.

The significant time and money that has been spent building a clear plan and actions will be for nothing if the plan isn’t well executed. If we lack the resources to execute our plan, we’re out of business.

Unfortunately, plans don’t execute themselves. And members of your team won’t magically have hours of free time to conquer that long list of actions created by your plan.

SABERNI, through our resource sharing program, provides you the necessary resources to execute your marketing plans.

This service:

  • Gives you the man-power you need;
  • Focuses your existing team; and
  • Ensures your plan is executed consistently, and constantly evolved.

Unsure of target audience

A challenge many B2B companies have is building a tangible understanding of the exact target market to serve for each brand or solution.  Quite often the vision for products extends far beyond the true sweet spot for that solution.

Guessing at this or basing it on the audience for other products almost certainly guarantees wasting time and money.  Sometimes we need to be pragmatic, go back to basics, and reassess how to target the markets into which you plan to market and sell.

At SABERNI, we are experts at assisting companies assess and rank the suitability of their solutions for different market segments in the US, Europe, India and elsewhere.   We’re also experienced at uncovering non-traditional sweet spots to exploit for new and legacy solutions, including new segment or geography-specific channels. In doing this we help dramatically reduce the waste associated with targeting people you cannot possibly succeed with today.  This means that the resulting pipeline will be of higher quality and therefore much more likely to close.

SABERNI can also assist you A/B test your ideas and test additional market segments with messages to better understand their viability for the future.

In doing these targeting and messaging drills, we will make your forecast significantly more accurate and we will help you spend your marketing budget in ways that will most effectively deliver your required goals now and in the future.

Lack of confidence on your marketing plan

As the head of your marketing organization, you need to be confident in your team’s demand and Sales forecast, and your team’s plan to achieve the same.  All too often though, CxOs find that the numbers for the next year did not convert into the expected Sales results.

The reasons for missing the goals outlined and agreed in the plans and forecast can be complex and Sales and marketing virtually always blame the other, but the bottom line in that missed results are just not acceptable.

Pricing, promotions, campaign pace and flow, channel mix, changes in investment, refocusing on specific parts of your product mix or customer base can all play significant roles in bringing more qualified deals to your Sales team in a planned specific time frame and in predicting when prospects will make a decision; with tuning, they can also project and increase the expected deal size and win rate.

SABERNI will provide you with a deep analysis of your forecast and supporting plan and advise on how you can tune your marketing and Sales mix to increase the health of your pipeline and increase your confidence in your team’s ability to achieve your forecast.  Our forecasting performance in each of our last three major engagements exceeded expectations and we’d love to discuss those results and how we could do the same for your organization.