The marketing driven buyer’s journey management model makes it possible for organizations to continuously engage with the customers.



Today’s era is one in which marketing is an educational vehicle designed to inform buyers and add value to a new or ongoing conversation. Today’s marketers report “creating engaging content” as a main challenge, however, content is the foundation of building a strong relationship with the customer.

The necessity of creating a meaningful customer experience and progression of the customer on the various stages of the buyer’s journey is the driving factor behind the execution of the various engagement cycles that provide more rounded experience.

Once an organization is able to generate healthy user experiences, the up-sell and cross-sell can turn into a value-based discussion, something that usually provides better result.

SABERNI makes it easier for you to create healthy continuous customer engagements through various programs:

  • Our proprietary frameworks enable make is possible for our customers to create highly impactful campaigns that generate and maintain high levels of customer engagement.
  • Our focus on upsell and cross-sell programs enable to generate more from the same customer accounts
  • We use technology that generates sales triggers by listening to various signals that include usage level, social sentiments, number of active users, hits to certain sections of a product, etc.
  • We invest heavily in training our staff to understand the client situations, needs and challenges so that we talk their language

Discuss with one of our marketing experts to understand how marketing can assist with your upsell and cross-sell programs: